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Hi there and welcome to EatWell with Lauren. I have been a Registered Dietitian for 5 years now and really, food and nutrition and the joy of cooking and preparing food for others has always been a part of me. Even as a child I would play “restaurant” and have my sister and brother line up outside the kitchen as I would play hostess, server and chef and prepare a wonderful meal of…Chef Boyardee. Fast forward several years and I have grown to love preparing healthier, whole food recipes largely composed of plant based ingredients. I have gravitated towards this way of eating as I learned more and more about the value of following a plant heavy diet and I have just found this way of eating the best for me in terms of how I feel, energy levels, athletic ability, everything.  I believe many of our cures for disease can be found in nature and it is a combination of environment, lifestyle, social health, emotional health and food choices that all come together to impact our health and happiness. So why not control what we can.

I have a Masters degree in Nutrition from Winthrop University. I have experience counseling in a wide range of settings and working with individuals on heart health, diabetes, weight management, high blood pressure, kidney disease, pregnancy and post pregnancy and individuals that just want to feel healthier and have more energy.

My writing skills have led me to assist in the editing of two self published books by a fellow RD. I have contributed several articles to a local newspaper and nonprofit organization. I enjoy developing healthy, plant intensive recipes.

Nutrition related issues important to me are food security, hunger relief, as well as sustainable farming and sustainable food choices. I believe we can optimize health, lower risk for disease and strengthen our body’s ability to fight disease through food choices. If we eat for health, rather than weight, then our outward appearance will transform and reflect this. My mission is to provide my patients and clients with practical, individualized advice with continued support. I aim for a whole-foods, minimally processed, largely plant based diet approach to health.

Interests outside of nutrition include oil painting, photography, running and exploring new places, national parks and appreciating the beauty nature has to offer.


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